| Maria | 20 | Helsinki, Finland |
• Big ass anime nerd, who likes everything british and japanese and changes her hair colour more often than socks.
• My blog doesn't make any sense.
At. All. (◡‿◡✿)
• I study hairdressing.
• I like to draw/paint and make gifs.
• I'm a nice person. I swear.

used to be "anotherlonelysunday"
past 1/42
❀ about me ❀


name: maria

age: 20

birthday: june 3rd

zodiac: gemini

single or taken: single

height: 5’3”

eye color: greenish blue

middle name: irene

favorite color: black

lucky number: don’t have one


hogwarts house [x]ravenclaw

favorite fictional character: lalalaa so many, most are anime characters

favorite television show: sons of anarchy, one piece (for example)

favorite season: autumn

describe yourself in a few words: quiet, caring, loner

future children’s names: [girls] aurora [boys] romeo

meaning of your name:  star of the sea

ultimate otp:  jeanmarco (shingeki no kyojin), narry, zoro x sanji (one piece)

what do you plan to/do for a living:  i wanna work in a theatre or maybe someday own my own hair salon

starbucks order: just normal coffee or caramel latte


introvert or extrovert: introvert for sure

dawn or dusk: probablyyyy dawn when you’ve been up all night

righty or leftyrighty 

coffee or tea: i’m addicted to both but coffee 

rain or shine: shine, ‘cause you can use sunglasses

reading or writing: i’m really bad with both

Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Happy: ev’rybody’s gonna be happy - the kinks
Love: better than love - hurts
Hate: all your hate - black veil brides
Light: bright lights - 30 seconds to mars
Dark: dance in the dark - lady gaga
Good: good day sunshine - the beatles
Bad: bad boy - hurriganes
Smile: smile ichiban ii onna - an cafe
Cry: cry little sister (theme from the lost boys) - aiden
Girl: about a girl - nirvana
Boy: beautiful boy (darling boy) - john lennon

(Source: sydneyleighh)

I am seriously shocked that I have over 1000 lovely followers who put up with my many obsessions like my blog doesn’t just have one thing I ramble about like

british things
japanese stuff, animes, mangas
my kind of fashiony things boho and rock etc…
and tons of movies and tv-series i just